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About Bluff Country Brine LLC
The cornerstone to Bluff Country Brine LLC is customer commitment. As a grass roots, family owned company, Bluff Country Brine LLC will provide snow and ice management services to the seven rivers region in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Education, training, and application will be provided by experts in the field, keeping a focus on meeting customer needs and providing top notch service.
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Bluff Country Brine LLC ®   La Crosse, WI  54601

Company Advantages:

  • Expert experience with making and applying salt brine;
  • On-site education and training on application, storage, and cleaning for customers interested in applying the product;
  • Application of salt brine can be done for the customer;
  • Delivery of storage and application equipment and salt brine; and
  • Customer follow-up after a winter event to ensure product satisfaction.